Ongoing Projects

  • ATIQ - Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer for Applications
  • GIMMIK - Production of graphene on an industrial scale
  • HIPER-LASE - Towards Hetero-Integration of Perovskite Lasers into Silicon Photonics
  • MOSTFLEX - Scalable MoS2 based flexible devices and circuits for wireless communications
  • NeuroSys - Neuromorphic hardware for autonomous artificial intelligence systems
  • NEUROTEC II - Neuro-inspired artificial intelligence technologies for the electronics of the future in the Rhineland

  • NobleNEMS - Nanoelectromechanical sensors made of 2D noble metal dichalcogenides
  • ULTIMOS2 - Ultimate Scaling and Performance Potential of MoS2 Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
  • 2D-NEMS - 2D-Material Heterostructure NEMS Sensors