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Electrical Engineering and Electronics

This lecture takes place in the summer semester.

The topics are voltage, current and energy. Furthermore, DC networks, electric fields and capacitors are covered. This is followed by magnetic fields, Lorentz force and induction. Furthermore, switching operations and electric DC machines. Subsequently, AC networks, three-phase current and electric AC machines will be discussed. Semiconductors, operational amplifiers and signal processing form the conclusion.

The lecture is held in german and consists of the lecture, associated exercises and a final written examination. Further information about the module and the lecture, exercises and exam can be found on RWTHonline.




Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Max Lemme



Metrology – Analytical methods for semiconductor characterization

The lecture will take place in the wintersemester 2020/2021. The prerequisite is basics knowledge of Solid State Physics.

The course is aimed to describe the fundamentals of various analytical techniques commonly used to characterize semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. The course is also equipped with basics of data collection and analysis obtained using the techniques. The course covers most of the techniques covering bulk to nano-scale analysis of semiconductors using ions, electrons and photons as probes. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to describe the fundamentals of various analytical techniques used to characterize semiconductor surfaces and interfaces. Furthermore, they will be able to distinguish the information each technique can provide, can discuss advantages and disadvantages of each techniqueand, can calculate material parameters based on the analytical techniquesand and can utilize the knowledge during their research or thesis work.

The lecture will be held in english language. Registration can be done via RWTH Online.