ERS Project: Engineering Graphene Membranes from Polycrystalline to Amorphous State for Nanoelectromechanical Applications


We propose to explore the mechanical and electrical properties of novel amorphous graphene films in a systematic way and to develop a mechanical model for amorphous two-dimensional (2D) solids. The main objective is to demonstrate the effect of structural variations especially amorphous regions in graphene membranes on its mechanical and electronic properties, and to explore the properties of amorphous graphene films. In this project, graphene membrane devices will be fabricated and characterized for their electromechanical properties by systematically increasing the local structural defects and inducing amorphous regions in the membrane area. We will introduce the theory of disordered solids to polycrystalline and amorphous graphene sheets in order to fundamentally understand their structure-property relationships and extract their mechanical properties. The overall goal of the project is to establish strong collaborations among the participants with independent experimental and simulation expertise in their respective fields. The study will pave way for opening up new research directions in the area of 2D materials.

Duration: 06/10/2021 – 30/08/2022

Project partner:

  • Institute of General Mechanics, RWTH