NanoGraM - Graphene Fabrication, Integration and Metrology for Nanoelectromechanical Systems

  Graphene suspended across a cavity Copyright: © Stefan Wagner

In the proposed subproject, nanoelectromechanical and nanoelectronic pressure sensors, for short MEMS/NEMS, based on the new material graphene and semiconducting two-dimensional crystals in self-supporting form will be investigated.

The significant advantages of graphene and 2D materials over conventional materials for novel NEMS components such as pressure sensors are to be used advantageously in the future and investigated in the NanoGraM project.

The central innovation is the expected dramatically higher sensitivity and robustness of pressure sensors based on graphene membranes, which leads to a significant advantage over the state-of-the-art.

NanoGraM is a project and is funded by the BMBF.


Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

WITec GmbH, Germany

Graphenea S.A., Spain

SIMUNE - Atomistic Simulations, Spain