Publication: Dielectric Properties and Ion Transport in Layered MoS2 Grown by Vapor-Phase Sulfurization for Potential Applications in Nanoelectronics

  Model of molybdenum disulfide layers Copyright: © Melkamu Belete

RWTH and AMO researchers reported on the dielectric properties and ion transport in layered molybdenum sulphide

Researchers of RWTH Aachen University and AMO GmbH in collaboration with the Research Centre Jülich and the University of Siegen have investigated metal/molybdenum sulphide/silicon structures in order to understand the charge transport in such structures and to explore the possible potential of molybdenum sulphide to use as a dielectric in vertical heterostructured devices. The work was recently published in ACS Applied Nanomaterials.

In this work, vapor-phase sulphurized large-area molybdenum sulphide film was used to fabricate capacitor structures on silicon substrates. We extracted the dielectric constant values for molybdenum sulphide and demonstrated the presence of mobile negative ions in molybdenum sulphide. The work has brought forth an advanced understanding of defects and interface states which can have a significant influence on the electronic properties of molybdenum sulphide.

The research work was funded by the European Commission through the European Regional Development Fund (HEA2D, 0801002) and the Graphene Flagship (785219).