RWTH public lecture by Prof. Max Lemme

Portrait of Prof. Lemme holding a wafer in front of the AMO building  

On October 28, Max Lemme will give a public lecture with the title: “Graphene - from wonder material to "Killer App"?”. In this lecture, Lemme will discuss not only the unique properties of graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials, but also their possible applications in future electronic devices and the challenges that still need to be overcome to bring these devices to the market.

The lecture will be in German, and take place as Zoom-Conference on October 28, 17:00-18:15. The registration is free. To receive the participation link, please write at .

The event is part of a series of public conferences organized by the department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University, in cooperation with the department of Physics, the Faculty of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, the regional group of the German Informatics Society (RIA), the Regional Industry Club Informatics Aachen (Regina e.V.) and the German University Association (DHV).